What are people saying about Simona Halep

simona-halep-no-2Adriana wrote:
Simona Congratulations! We’ve done an immense joy to your game! The day will come when you win a trophy! I wish to be healthy, that’s what matters first and then everything comes naturally.

Miky wrote:
What could be more beautiful than the fulfillment of a dream to which you aspired as a child! SIMONA BRAVO! Congratulations! You want to be healthy, to regain your composure peace and always on teren.BAFTA!

Christian wrote:
You have demonstrated that you are a great sport and for this we love you and respect you. To us you are a true champion. Good luck in facing Sharapova. And … do not forget, you’re better than her. GOOD LUCK.

Irina wrote:
Simona bravo to the successes so far and further success but I would be happier to a final winner, if you beat Williams soon s and m sharapova.mult success.

simona-halep-no-4Jean wrote:
Wonder goal from Constanta now a name. At first there were only hope and boldness. Now is a certainty. Congratulations whole family, health and joy to be!

Mark wrote:
Do not say than this young lady that I see it, mocking the media, it is appreciated by a whole nation, have been a whole nation through your efoturile bad and you’re beautiful.
Can you be sure that the company, as a whole, you get credit goal homage.
Respect. You pretty bad.

simona-halep-no-3Amy wrote:
Simona !! You’re an incredible fighter! You defeated Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Petra Ktitova, A.Radwanska etc. Worth your name be called Simona Halep,, “! You Sustiva flag on the podium. All people when you cry, you start to be a fighter, as in the match against Carla Suarez Navarro-even if you lose, do not put new never fail you, because you are in our hearts !! Let Simona !!!!

Fily wrote:
Simona, we are already proud of you and we can not disappoint you no matter what you choose to do or what results you’ll have in the future, you know that, right? So do not think what he says or what people think, take your game as usual, continue to study your opponents, to find their weaknesses. I’m glad to serve work – with more topspin / sidespin you make it more difficult to return.
You’re the coolest and the new darling of Romanians (and beyond)!